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Goats in the Mist: The Intern's Top Five 7

Posted by [email protected] on July 30, 2012 at 7:40 PM

With my last few days of internship soon to break upon us, I've been thinking of the many jobs that I've completed at the farm. Here are my top five favorite and least favorite tasks in the order that they come to mind.

Favorite Jobs:

1. Shelling peas--by hand or by machine, there's something very soothing about it. 

2. Making soap--I feel like a witch when I'm mixing all the ingredients together in the cauldron (read:  very large bowl).

3. Working in my garden--I love the plants (see:  My Green Children).

4. Working with the goats (sans Jill)--I'm really very fond of the goats, even trouble-maker Jill, and they can be so sweet and entertaining.

5. Culinary work--be it with tomatoes, milk, tulsi, or the like, working with food has a dual reward:  1) the satisfaction of finishing a job and 2) being able to eat your home-grown accomplishment.

Least favorite:

1. Killing kudzu bugs--I believe that I've already dedicated an entire blog post to these nasty fellows.

2. Picking lambsquarters--it's fine for an hour or two, but after the three hour mark, it gets tedious--imagine a rapidly warming, muggy afternoon and aggravated sinus/skin condition for added effect.

3. Picking tomatoes--I love tomatoes as much as the next person, but tomato acid is torturous to my ever-broken skin.

4. Uprooting live plants (not weeds)--it's rather depressing to pull up a green and flowering plant although there's generally a Catch-22 behind it:  for example, we can pull up the tomatoes before the end of their cycle and plant something else or we can let the cut-worms devour them and plant something else.

5. Working with the goats (avec Jill)--make that working on anything within Jill's reach. I love her, but she has the curiosity of a two-year-old with a strength and reach that no two-year-old should ever possess.

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