Hard Earth Farm

Meet the Farmers:

Pam Avrett

The Farmer-in-Chief is Pamela Avrett.  She works part-time as a water aerobics instructor at Brandon Wilde Retirement Community and farms full time. Our visionary, she conceived of the farm while living with her pair of children and her pair of dogs in the suburbs of Evans Georgia. Having spent much of her childhood on a family farm, she sought to return to a way of life where she could feel connected to the Earth.

Mickey Avrett

Pam's right hand man is her husband, Milton Avrett (III, Attorney at Law, commonly referred to as Mickey), who practices law in Augusta Georgia. No task is too great for Mickey's boundless enthusiasm and vast repertoire of skills.

Mclain Lambert

Mclain Lambert is Pam's daughter and is a rising sophomore at the University of Georgia in Athens, where she is studying Education. She is a specialist in handling the farm's animals and comes home to help out when she can.  An organized and disciplined worker, Mclain has worked tirelessly through the last few years to keep things running smoothly.

In the picture below, she's accompanied by Freya the cat and Sassy the Nigerian dwarf goat. 


Nate Lambert

Nate Lambert is Pam's son. He is a rising senior at UGA where he is studying English and rowing on the school's crew. He is the farm word mincer and webmaster, and he also takes care of plants, manages the beehives, and helps with various (often manual-labor-intensive) projects when he is home.